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AGROMIX is an organic growing medium manufacturing and supplying company based at Melbourne Australia and mainly deals with agricultural and allied products since 2012. We manufacture high quality international standard COCO PEAT and Peat based products. Agromix meet the complete needs of farmers by identifying their needs and requirements.

From a humble beginning with a small manufacturing facility, Agromix has grown to multi facets company with 100 hectares of land with modern state of art manufacturing machineries, drying yards and contemporary warehouse for storage. Our manufacturing facility is located in the southern part of India where the climate and ambience are ideal for agri based manufacturing. more...

Questions & answers

What is cocopeat ?

Coco peat is a multi purpose growing medium that is very easy to use. Its high air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it the ideal medium for all plant growing applications. Coco peat compressed briquettes and bales. Moreover, Coco peat is an excellent substrate for vegetable, fruit and cut flower crops. It has many applications as an effective soil conditioner and soil-freesubstrate. Coco peat has innumerable advantages in the agricultural and domestic gardening. Some of them are in potting mix, horticulture cultivation, nursery beds for seedlings, in gardens to conserve water, orchids, mushroom cultivation, plantation crops etc. The main advantage is that the valuable nitrogen is preserved in coco peat and moisture content is retained mainly in potting mix in home gardenin

How is the growth in Cocopeat?

Cocopeat supports a very healthy growth of all plants as the fibers do not become compacted and allow for good ventilation of the roots. The fibers also have a very high cation exchange capacity meaning that fertilizer is not easily leached from media.

What the differences are between washed, unwashed and buffered cocopeat?

Unwashed cocopeat is the natural raw form of the product, which has a higher EC level. Washed cocopeat has been washed using clean, natural spring water to lower the EC level. Buffered cocopeat (sometimes known as treated) has been treated to reduce the Potassium and Sodium Chloride levels, and to increase the Nitrogen level. It also has a lower EC level.

Can cocopeat be re-used?

As long as there is no contamination, cocopeat can be re-used for several crop cycles, depending on the plant requirements and the grower’s needs and preferences. We recommend flushing the coir between cycles and may be replenished with additional quantity if required.

What is the difference between your Cocopeat and others available on the market?

Our Cocopeat comes from inland grown coconuts which have a naturally low level of salt present. Furthermore our product is processed by aging and finally washed to obtain a very low e.c. Every step of the process is carefully controlled. Other Cocopeats is usually not subject to these processes and can come from uncertain conditions, such as coastal grown coconuts, substandard storage and processing and with that the possibility of introduction of unwanted pathogens. We offer the highest quality Cocopeat every time. Please ask for a sample so you can perform an independent laboratory analysis.

How easy are the blocks to break apart, and what is the recommended procedure?

Because cocopeat is natural, it is completely biodegradable. However, it retains its structure and absorbency for several years after planting, which means that the same coir can and is frequently used for several years. After use, it can be added to the ground as a soil conditioner without any adverse implications for the environment. it can be simply layed on plastic or concrete and irrigated with a sprinkler system.

What are the terms for shipment to my farm/ facility?

We are happy to deliver to your premises or to your farms.


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