Agromix Buffered Cocopeat 5kg

Agromix Buffered Cocopeat 5kg

Buffered cocopeat is cocopeat which has been treated with calcium nitrate. Buffering cocopeat ensures that the sodium and potassium ions inherent to the cocopeat complex are washed away. When buffering cocopeat with calcium nitrate, the ion exchange, as we call the process where calcium pushes the other ions off the complex, has already taken place and other elements, such as sodium and potassium have been washed away. This is done to ensure that once the grower starts fertilizing with calcium, the calcium is available to the plant.
Grade Buffered
Product code AGBP 5kg
Electrical Conductivity <1.5mS/cm
pH 5.5-7
Expanded Vol(ltrs) 70-75
Moisture 10% – 15%
Water holding capacity 850 – 1000
Air filled porosity%(AFP) 12-15
Block dimension 30X30X10 cms

Shipping & Loading Details

  • Blocks per pallet : 220
  • Pallets per 40 FCL : 22
  • Total ton per container: 24MT

Customised & Retail Packs Available

  • Charges Apply For Retail Packs
  • Parameters Can Be Customized As Per Request
  • For technical information’s PLEASE CONTACT


  • Seed raisings
  • Hydroponics plant
  • Mushroom growing