Agromix Buffered Husk Chips 5kg

Agromix Buffered Husk Chips 5kg

The husk chips are washed with river water. Being thick rinds and a fairly poor absorbent, it takes a considerable amount of water to wash the salts in the husk chips. The number and frequency of washes depend on the end use of the product. Usually, low EC husk chips have an EC of under 1 mS/cm.
Grade washed
Product code AGHCW 5kg
Electrical Conductivity <1.5mS/cm
pH 5.5-7
Moisture 15%-20%
Water holding capacity 800-900
Air filled porosity%(AFP) 20-25
Block dimension 30X30X10 cms
Size of the chips 10 mm


  • Orchid growing
  • Gerbera growing
  • Potting Mixture where more aeration and water holding capacity is required.
  • In between plant beds to control weeds
  • Compost potting soils
  • Mulching
  • Horticulture
  • Potting mix

Shipping & Loading Details

  • Blocks per pallet : 220
  • Pallets per 40 FCL : 22
  • Total ton per container: 24MT

Customised & Retail Packs Available

  • Charges Apply For Retail Packs
  • Parameters Can Be Customized As Per Request
  • For technical information’s PLEASE CONTACT