Agromix Cocopeat 45 kg Bale (200 Litres)

Cocopeat 45 kg Bale (200 Litres)

Product Agromix 45 kg Bale(200 litres)
Product code AG45kgBl
Bale size 45 X 38X 58 cms
Bale weight 45 Kgs
Expanded volume .2m3 ( 200 Litres )
Mixture 70% Peat + 30% Fibre, 50% Peat + 50% Fibre
Loadability 40 FCL 600 Bales


  • Bale coco peats eliminates the rehydration or wetting process, which will save considerable cost and energy
  • The contents and content ratio can be customized as per customer’s request. Possible contents include coco peat, coco cut fibre, coco clear chips, coco crushed chips, perlite, fertilizers, and nutrients.
  • Shrink wrap packaging, makes storage and handling convenient.
  • Chemical and physical characteristics of the coco peat are well-looked-after.
  • The 1: 2 compression ratio and the moisture level make it easy to unpack the coco peat using loader machine or any other simple mechanism.
  • The physical structure of the coco peat is not likely to to damage because of the compression ratio and the moisture level.
  • Foreign particles present is significantly reduced because drying process is not needed.
  • Bale packing facilitates continuous integration of the mixing line process and the bagging line process.
  • Bale packing gives assurances of continuous supply of uncompromised quality throughout the year regardless of the prevailing weather conditions in the manufacturing location.
  • The packing time and cost are reduced.
  • 100% water proof packaging