Agromix Standard Husk Chips 5kg

Agromix Standard Husk Chips 5kg

Raw coconut husks are chopped in a decorticator to remove the additional fibers and pith. The product is dried for a few days and then packaged per the customer’s requirements. The EC usually is under 4 mS/cm.
Grade washed
Product code AGHCUW 5kg
Electrical Conductivity > 1mS/cm
pH 6 -7
Moisture 15% – 20%
Water holding capacity 600-750
Air filled porosity%(AFP) 20-25
Block dimension 30X30X10 cms
Size of the chips 10 mm


  • Potting Mixture where more aeration and water holding capacity is required.
  • In between plant beds to control weeds
  • Compost potting soils
  • Mulching
  • Horticulture
  • Potting mix

Shipping & Loading Details

  • Pallets per 40 FCL : 22
  • Total ton per container: 24MT

Customised & Retail Packs Available

  • Charges Apply For Retail Packs
  • Parameters Can Be Customized As Per Request
  • For technical information’s please contact